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What is Chemical Damp Proofing & DPC

Damp proofing, at its simplest, involves taking measures to prevent walls from drawing water up from the ground (Rising damp) through sponge action. Modern buildings are constructed with a Damp Proof Course (DPC) sandwiched between the bricks around the perimeter of the house just above the foundations.

This damp course acts as a a physical barrier and prevents damp from rising up the walls. However, many older buildings unfortunately never had damp courses or the materials used have since broken down, allowing dampness to pass through.

Chemical Damp Proof Course/DPC

This is where a chemical DPC (Damp Proof Course) comes in. In simple terms holes are first bored into the wall after which a chemical fluid is pumped in, which reacts with the moisture to form a permanent water barrier.

Kingfisher building Products stock a range of damp proofing products; everything from chemical damp proof injection fluids and creams, to DPC plasters and renders to drills, injection pumps and nozzles.